Spotlight on Nurse Julie Abalahin

Posted on: December 11th, 2019 Posted by: Nicole Francois Posted in: Community

Helping Our Patients –

Changes were in motion 11 years ago at Puget Sound Orthopaedics. We had just adopted the name we have today. We were positioning for growth. At that same time, we hired Registered Nurse Julie Abalahin. Through her tenure with us she has experienced the exhilaration of a growing ambulatory surgery center where she continues to flourish.

Julie works in the Lakewood Surgery Center. In her role, she prepares patients for surgery, assists in the operating room, and helps patients in recovery. She understands surgery can be really scary for some people.

“My favorite part is being able to help patients who are going through a scary time,“ says Julie.

Julie enjoys that her role allows her to think critically and analytically. She is not micromanaged, but empowered to use a wide variety of her nursing skills.


Naturally Caring

Julie has many skills that don’t require scrubs that she does outside of work. Her continuity of care extends to her husband, children and her dog, whom she enjoys spending time with. She loves to go camping and be outdoors. She recently got a camping trailer and loves going glamping, also known as glamorous camping. Indoors she and her husband have been remodeling their house themselves and recently renovated their kitchen.

Her favorite vacation was a trip when she was in high school. She and her grandparents traveled in an RV from coast to coast and made many fun stops along the way. Julie’s favorite was the Crazy Horse Monument. Something most people do not know about her is when she was younger she danced hip hop and performed at both a Sonics and Seahawks game.


She’s Got Character

As a young girl, her dream job was to be a cowgirl. A ten-gallon hat is the farthest thing from a scrub hat on the headwear spectrum but we are glad she chose the latter. After her cowgirl phase, she wanted to be a veterinarian for large farm animals. Her dream pet is a potbelly pig.

If she could be any cartoon character, she would be Starfire from Teen Titans, because Julie thinks this character is the most fun. She also elaborated on which members of her family would be the other team members; her son and daughter would be Beast Boy and Raven, respectively.

Thank you Julie for spending over a decade with Puget Sound Orthopaedics. We appreciate the continuous diligence and compassion you bring to the surgery center!