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Alan Thomas MD PhD Spotlight

One bright and early morning as I was coming into work I noticed one of our physicians walking in across the parking lot. We made eye contact but I figured he was too far away and it was too early to be shouting across the parking lot so I quickly looked away. As soon as I did I heard him shouting ‘good morning’ and waving his hand to me. The only physician with this bright and insurmountable energy is Dr. Alan Thomas – and not to mention he does it with decaf coffee. Dr. Thomas is one of our upper extremity specialists and has been with us for 18 years. At the age of six his father told him that he would be a great orthopedic surgeon and he took that advice to heart. And the most rewarding part of his job is working with patients and getting to help people. “Patients are fantastic,” he tells me excitedly.

For fun, Dr. Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, being outdoors and eating. For a while now he has embraced the vegan lifestyle as he wishes to maintain his good health as he gets older but he also finds it important for his children. “Kids don’t do what parents tell them to do. They do what they see their parents do,” and with three kids he has to set quite the example. He believes that eating healthy and reducing his carbon footprint is one of the many things he can do to help better himself, his children and the environment. When I asked Dr. Thomas where he likes to travel he answered, “anywhere with water and as long as I’m with my friends or family.”

To combine both fun and work Dr. Thomas goes yearly to Cambodia to bring safe and better medical practices to those who need it. During his time in Cambodia he has helped build a church and a clinic and bring in the proper resources to further patient care. “Usually they have enough staff and resources to do about three surgeries a day and patients are in beds for weeks waiting for the appropriate care. We’re able to come in and deliver much speedier, safer and resourceful healthcare.”

When I asked Dr. Thomas what his dream pet would be he answered it would be like his dream car. His pet could constantly change species varying on his mood: an elephant, a dog, a lion or a polar bear. His car would be one that can shrink when he needs to park, has the ability to drive smoothly and go to the mountains, and has the power to feel like a Ferrari when the gas pedal is stepped on. If anyone has a car with off-roading, speed and shrinking capabilities please inform Dr. Thomas where he can get one as well.

“Medicine is my dream job and it is a beautiful thing,” says Dr. Thomas. Having you here makes our office better and brighter and we are happy to share many more years with your expertise. Thank you, Doc Thomas!


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