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Chase Krumins PA-C Spotlight

Chase Krumins, Physician Assistant-Certified recently joined Puget Sound Orthopaedics this last November. He went to school at the University of Washington and enjoys living in Seattle but like most of us, doesn’t enjoy the commute so much. One route that Chase always envisioned was a career in medicine and that route had its own terrifying amount of traffic through various tests, residencies, and studying. But Chase made it through and he is excited to be helping Dr. John Blair and really focus on the psychosocial impact of pain. “It combines orthopedics and neurology, it is so vast in its stretch and scope,” he explains on why he chose to work with a spine physician. One of his favorite parts about working at Puget Sound Orthopedics is a part of our vision: “providing timely and cost-effective care,” a practice that Chase finds critical in the care that he provides.

In his free time Chase likes exploring Seattle and all the activities to do there including cycling and hiking. Being a fan of UW he also enjoys collegiate sports along with chess and reading about the newest studies in psychology and medicine. When he was attending school Chase studied abroad for two weeks in the country of Latvia. He enjoyed spending a week getting to do the touristy things but even more so the second week where he got to live with a family and experience the culture and livelihood of the country. If Chase could travel anywhere next he would like to go to Japan and see the technological advancements they are implementing in everyday life.

If Chase could be any cartoon character he would like to be Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty because he is the most intelligent man in the ‘multi-verse.’ That would be a very unique Physician Assistant. When asked if he could have any animal as a pet he would like to have a falcon because “they look really cool and I could deliver messages with it.” Chase also said he would be interested in seeing what it would be like to step into the unbroken shoes of Zion Williamson, a freshman basketball prodigy who plays for Duke. It appears Zion is experiencing so much unhinged hype and notoriety that hasn’t been seen since LeBron James which he finds intriguing.

We are excited to have Chase on our team and we know he is looking forward to helping you!


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