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Sharon Estell, RN Spotlight

For the last four years Sharon Estell, RN has been taking care of patients in our surgery center as a PACU Nurse. When I asked how she got into nursing she replied “I kind of fell into nursing, but now could not imagine doing anything else. My husband thinks I am crazy because if we won the Lotto I would still want to work.” Don’t worry Sharon, we are glad to have someone who is crazy about their job which includes helping other people; I’d say it’s the right kind of crazy.

Sharon went to Tacoma Community College straight after high school and became a registered nurse. “I love educating patients and their families and seeing them with a smile when they leave.” One of the main things that Sharon does here at Puget Sound Orthopaedics is making sure our surgery center is spotless. Sharon does a wonderful job of making sure the PACU and the Operating Rooms are always wiped down and sanitary.

Caring must be in Sharon’s bones because when she clocks out she loves going home and taking care of her garden. She loves to garden and adores wandering around and imagine where she could fit one more thing. Sharon is also probably a true Washingtonian where she melts in the months of July and August and freezes in December and January. “I like the weather cold better than hot. The perfect day is 40 degrees and sunny.” I am sure as long as it is warm enough to garden she is more than happy!

It is only fitting that Sharon’s dream job would be to get paid to trim and prune the flowers in her garden every day. When I asked if she could have any animal as a pet she answered with “a lot more English bulldogs; they have so much personality. We have a bully now whose name is Murphy, but I would love to be a foster for Bulldog Havens NW-someday.”

Between working at Puget Sound Orthopaedics so tirelessly and diligently, taking care of her family, her beloved Murphy, and her garden it seems difficult that Sharon could have anytime to rest. When asked if she could be any cartoon character she replied with the Road Runner so that she could be quick enough to get everything done. Maybe then she could find some rest.

Thank you Sharon for the four years of care that you’ve provided patients and our facility!


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