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Spotlight Article on Dr. d’Heurle

Dr. d’Heurle is an orthopaedic surgeon who has comprehensive training in treating patients with orthopaedic problems of the lower extremity. He specializes in the hip and knee and is very passionate about all things orthopedics.

Enjoying the PNW

After his fellowship at the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, Dr. d’Heurle joined the Puget Sound Orthopaedics group in 2019. He was thrilled to move across the country to Tacoma where he could be near both water and mountains. Originally from Georgia, Dr. d’Heurle has enjoyed living in the Tacoma area the past two years. He loves living in a city on the water and doing water sports in his free time. He also enjoys hiking and skiing down mountains in the Pacific Northwest. His favorite spot to hike is Mt. Rainier, and his favorite place to ski is Crystal Mountain. Most importantly, he recently welcomed a furry friend to his family. An adorable puppy named Mochi.

Top Procedures

Dr. d’Heurle’s main procedures include anterior hip replacements, total and partial knee replacements and revisions to the hip and knee. “I use both operative and non-operative techniques to treat patients who suffer from orthopedic conditions such as arthritis, fractures and joint pain. It is imperative that I treat my patients with the techniques that will best relieve their pain and restore their mobility.”

Understanding His Patients

When a patient comes to Dr. d’Heurle with hip or knee discomfort, he immediately wants to understand how the pain affects their lifestyle. “In the clinic, I spend whatever time is necessary to get a clear understanding of my patient’s concerns. After learning about their background, future goals and medical history, I am able to offer my patients a treatment plan that will result in the best possible outcome, ” he explains.

Medical Interests

Dr. d’Heurle is committed to constant improvement and is excited about the recent advances in the field of orthopaedic surgery. He is especially interested in the anterior hip replacement surgery approach and using the Mako robot to perform partial knee replacements.“The anterior hip replacement surgery is a newer and less invasive approach to the standard hip replacement, but with the same end goal in mind. We are able to cut far less muscle surrounding the hip joint and avoid detaching any tendons. This surgical technique is a revolution in hip replacement procedures. It allows my patients to recover faster and with less pain.”

When asked about the Mako robot, Dr. d’Heurle said, “The Mako robot is particularly fascinating because it allows us to pre-plan a patient’s surgery using the Mako software, and then perform the operation by guiding the robotic arm.” He is fascinated with all aspects of medicine and makes every effort to learn about the latest advancements in hip and knee treatments.

Why Hip and Knee?

He was inspired to become a hip and knee surgeon after witnessing a total hip replacement surgery while still in medical school. “During a rotation in my third year, I was trying to figure out what kind of physician I wanted to become. I went into my rotations open minded, but quickly fell in love with orthopaedics because of how hands on it is. By choosing to specialize in orthopaedics, I felt that I could really make a positive and dramatic impact in people’s lives.”

Passion for Photography

One thing a lot of people don’t know about Dr. d’Heurle is that he enjoys nature photography. Last summer he took a trip to Alaska and snapped action shots of grizzly bears catching salmon. When asked if he was nervous to be taking pictures of wild animals that are over 600 pounds, Dr. d’Heurle claimed “The bears completely ignored me and only cared about the fish they were hunting.” Everyone at PSO is glad he made it back to Tacoma with all four limbs intact!

Thank you Dr. d’Heurle, for bringing your expertise, diligence and humor to Puget Sound Orthopaedics!


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