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Spotlight on Juana Stancil

“Since I began working at Puget Sound Orthopaedics I feel more confident in myself,” Juana told me. At the end of the month Juana will have worked in our surgery center as a Certified Nursing Assistant for six years. She is currently going to school to become a nurse because she loves to teach and help others.  Juana loves the opportunity to work amongst nurses and prepare for her future career. “I love the people I work with and learning what to expect when I am done with school.” She helps our surgery center in every way she can: checking in patients at the front desk, preparing patients in pre-op before surgery, and assisting patients post-surgery. In her free time Juana enjoys putting smiles on other people’s faces.

She has turned her hobby of creating arts and crafts into a business donating the proceeds to charities. She runs marathons to help fallen marines in memory of her husband. When Juana comes home she is greeted by her two dogs, Gordo and Chubs, and she also enjoys reading historical books due to a lifelong love of archeology.

A few years ago Juana traveled to Spain which she described as her favorite vacation ever. She spent two weeks in Madrid and Valencia and when I asked what she remembered most she answered “the soccer matches, and I had never actually seen oranges and limes on a tree before.” She would like to travel to Italy next.

Juana describes herself as funny and happy and told me she loves to joke around so we had to ask her some fun questions. Juana says she likes Star Trek more than Star Wars but she’d rather be a Jedi than a Spaceship captain. A future nurse, Jedi, and the next Indiana Jones…talk about a resume. Her favorite food is any Mexican food served with hot and spicy salsa. When asked if she would rather have a flying car or robot housekeepers Juana replied “I’d like a robot housekeeper because my dream car is a 1971 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport.”

Thank you Juana for all the work you do. We really appreciate it and wish you success with your next six years!




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