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Tacoma Rainiers Spring Training

Dr. Patrick Vaughan has been involved in supporting local sports teams for the last few years now including being the medical director for the Tacoma Rainiers for the last three seasons. When asked what has made him so interested in baseball Dr. Vaughan replied that his son loves the sport, saying “he’s an encyclopedia of baseball”, and as a parent he wants to support his son’s passion for the game. Being involved with the Rainiers comes with a lot of perks, one of which is attending spring training, as seen above. At spring training Dr. Vaughan not only gets to meet the players but is able to understand and work with the players on a deeper level. He enjoys seeing the backside of baseball that fans do not get to see. Dr. Vaughan notes professional athletes are just like us: they have stomachaches and get sore and are just trying to doing their job as much as anyone else. When I asked who his favorite Mariner player was he replied, “It is currently Mike Zunino.” Dr. Vaughan admired his hard work and dedication to the sport when he was sent down to the minors after a rather tough season and saw his rebound the following year. Dr. Vaughan is looking forward to spending more years working with the Rainiers and getting to support our local teams.



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