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Lakewood Puget Sound Surgery Center

One of the aspects that makes Proliance Puget Sound Orthopaedics unique is our on-site ambulatory surgery center, or ASC. Our ASC is called Puget Sound Surgery Center, and is located in the same building as our Lakewood clinic. Back in 2004, our surgery center was established to meet the growing demand for affordable surgery in the South Sound area. It has accomplished just that and much more!

Outpatient Surgery

Our ASC is focused exclusively on outpatient surgery, which is also known as same-day or ambulatory surgery. When the surgery goes as planned, the patient is admitted and discharged in 24 hours or less. After a patient’s operation, they are driven home by a friend or family member and monitored. Outpatient surgery is increasingly possible because of medical advances in sedation, surgical techniques, technology and pain management. The alternative to outpatient surgery is inpatient surgery. Inpatient surgery requires a patient to spend at least one night at the hospital post operation.

Puget Sound Surgery Center

Thanks to modern medical techniques, the Puget Sound Surgery Center is able to provide patients with safe and affordable outpatient surgery. Many patients appreciate the option to begin recovery in the comfort of their homes almost immediately after their operation. Just like a standard hospital, our surgery center is fully staffed with nurses, doctors, PAs, sterile processing techs, anesthesiologists and surgery techs. All of the highly skilled individuals at the Puget Sound Surgery Center work as a team to ensure that all surgeries are performed in ideal conditions. Our staff’s number one focus is on the safety and medical needs of their patients.

Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

According to the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, choosing to have surgery done at an ASC instead of a hospital would significantly reduce the surgery expenses to both the patient and the insurer. When compared to a surgery done at a hospital, an ASC surgery is typically done faster and more efficiently.

In the past, patients had to spend at least one night in the hospital after a complicated surgery such as a total joint replacement. However, new technology and modern pain management allows patients to have a complicated surgery done at an ASC. Patients have the option to safely recover in their own home instead of spending long periods of time recovering in a hospital.

Both hospitals and ASCs are required to follow rigorous protocol and safety measures. The Washington State Department of Health requires many laws and regulations that both ASCs and hospitals must adhere to.

Why choose to have surgery at an ASC?

  • High quality outcomes at a lower cost to both patients and insurers
  • Convenient and fast surgery scheduling
  • No hospital admission required
  • Owned and operated by community physicians
  • Comfortable and low stress environment
  • Highly regulated to meet rigorous patient safety standards
  • High level of professionalism and service

A Few Things to Consider

Not all patients are able to have their surgery done in an ASC. Patients must qualify for outpatient treatment prior to their surgery. Speak with your doctor to find out if you qualify to have your surgery done at an ASC.

If you would like to learn more about ambulatory surgery centers, please click here.


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