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Return of Organized Sports in Tacoma

Our local sports fans and parents have been patiently waiting to watch their favorite teams storm the fields, courts and tracks in the Tacoma area. For the past 11 months, high school and collegiate organized sports have been on pause in Tacoma due to the pandemic. As of now, Pierce county is in Phase 2

When to push through pain during exercise

When to exercise through pain and when to stop

Should you exercise through pain? Well, no workout mantra is more repeated than “No pain, no gain.” In most cases, pushing ourselves that extra mile while exercising is how we strengthen bones and muscles. But how do you know when to push through pain and when to stop? The difference between Burn vs. Pain The

||Dr. Bargren specializes in sports medicine.

Dr. John Bargren, MD Spotlight

Tacoma Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Doctor Dr. John Bargren enjoys wake boarding, and playing the guitar, piano and trombone. He loves to travel. His last big excursion was to South Africa. His coolest activity? Heli-skiing! Dr. Bargen denies that he jumps from the helicopter into the coveted fresh powder. Rather he plays it safe,

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