Patient Registration

All new patients are required to complete new patient paperwork through the online patient registration system called Simple Admit. The password is PSO253NEW (The ‘O’ in the password stands for Orthopaedics).


Log into Simple Admit here.

Puget Sound Orthopaedics (PSO) utilizes a secure, online new patient appointment portal called Simple Admit. The portal allows you to complete your new patient registration by filling out your health information and medical history prior to your appointment or procedure. Filling out the online form is easy, secure and essential for you to receive the best care possible.

If you do not have access to a computer or mobile device, or are unable to pre-register online, please call our clinic for additional resources at 253.722.0033.

Preparation Tips

  • Please be forthcoming with your responses.
  • All of your medical information is confidential.
  • The time it takes to complete the form is dependent on your personal medical history. Typically, a person who is healthy and not taking many medications should expect to spend 15 minutes completing the form. Someone with a more complicated medical history or list of medications will take longer.
  • Upon receipt of your information, a staff member may call you for further clarification if necessary.
  • Allow for plenty of time to complete the form. If you are inactive for 45 minutes you will be logged out and will need to call our office at 253.722.0033 to regain access to complete the registration process.

NOTE – You do not have to fill out this form again if you are a returning patient at PSO and have already completed this online form prior to a previous visit.

Information Needed to Complete Registration

  • Prescription medications – names and dosages of each one you currently take.
  • Over-the-counter medications – names and dosages of each one you take regularly.
  • Vitamin and herbal medications – names and dosages of any that you take.
  • Allergies/sensitivities you have and the reaction(s) they cause.
  • Previous surgeries and the year they were performed.